Gable Aviaries



Gable Roof

  • 625mm steel skirt made from Bluescope steel sheeting, 0.4mm thick
  • Wall height 1.83m
  • Garden Master sources galvanised 12.5 x 12.5 x 1.2mm mesh. If you have a parrot our 25 x 25 x 2mm heavy-duty mesh may be what you need, ask our helpful staff when ordering.
  • Doors are 1.2m high and have a padbolt and extra latch for internal locking when in the enclosure.
  • Manufactured from Bluescope galvanised “J” Channel
  • Aviaries with length smaller than or equal to 3.76 will be supplied in 6 pre-assembled panels
  • Lengths greater than 3.76  will be supplied in 10 pre-assembled panels and 2 heavy duty ridge beams and a prefabricated welded truss.
  • Bird proofing is supplied with all aviaries and is used to seal the gap between the top of the wall and the sheeting.
  • Made in South Australia
  • We use steel rivets for the main frame and large flange aluminium rivets for the attachment of mesh
  • Assembly kits are supplied with class 4, 10 gauge tech screws, instructions and gloves.
  • Doors have square hollow section steel installed to provide additional strength.
  • Large format gable aviaries enables unrestricted flying ,giving your birds a happy and healthy environment.
  • Dividers available as per flat aviary description.
  • The following options are available:
    • Hinged hatch
    • Various combinations of steel and mesh to suit your personal requirements
    • Mesh in roof sections
    • Mesh to ground
    • Full height doors
    • Parrot mesh 25 x 25 2mm thick
    • Easy feed rotating feeders
    • Coloured trim
  • Install yourself or we can install for you

Standard Sizing

Contact us for custom sizing.

Mesh across gable and partway along each side (MK2) OR mesh along front and partway on each gable (MK3)

Mesh on front only

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    20 Year Guarantee
    Have the peace of mind to know your investment is protected
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    Stronger Materials for Stronger Life
    Using Australian Steel, enjoy years of easy care and great looks
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    Installation available in Metro Areas
    We’re here to help with all aspects of shed installation
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    One Step Assembly
    Factory assembled panels to make every project easy

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