Chemical Sheds



Safe Chemical Storage

Our chemical sheds meet Australian Standards with correct use.

Complete kits includes:

  • Gable roof shed in Zinc or Colour
  • 1.83m wall height
  • Precast Bunded flooring made with reinforced concrete, inbuilt drain attachment fittings and precast anchor points
  • Rotating roof vent and two fixed wall vents for cross ventilation
  • All components for simple DIY installation, including pre-assembled shed panels.

Chemical Sign kits available:

  • Includes 7 metal signs, No Smoking, No Entry, Authorised Personnel Only, Dangerous when wet, Flammable Liquid 3, Toxic 6, Corrosive 8, Misc Dangerous Goods 4.

Safe and secure storage

Most responsible operators would be aware of the legal obligation to safely use dangerous substances when on the job, but what happens to the little bit left over? Where is the designated storage that is both safe and secure?

This surprisingly economical shed is a great investment in your health and safety. Installing a Bunded Chemical Shed will fulfil your legal obligations and help you protect your family, workers and/or your customers.

Easy to transport

Shed panels are flat packed and strapped to a palletised slab for easy forklift handling. Slab weight is 700kg. 3.02 x 2.27m shed is supplied with two bunded slabs. Pack size is 2.1m by either 3.1m or 2.3m (depending on shed size).

Easy to install

Pre-assembled panels are easily installed by bolting to the precast concrete floor for secure anchorage. Wall vents are factory fitted and roof vent simply attaches to a framed hole in the roof on site. Detailed instructions and fittings are supplied.

The end-user is responsible to complete the plumbing of the drains to the requirements of the site – no fittings external to the slab are supplied.

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    20 Year Guarantee
    Have the peace of mind to know your investment is protected
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    Stronger Materials for Stronger Life
    Using Australian Steel, enjoy years of easy care and great looks
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    Installation available in Metro Areas
    We’re here to help with all aspects of shed installation
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    One Step Assembly
    Factory assembled panels to make every project easy

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